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Transfer of equity conveyancing solicitors

What is the transfer of ownership/ equity?

Transfer of ownership (or equity) is the process of legally changing who owns a property. When you're looking to transfer your equity, we can connect you with the right Conveyancer(s) who can help with the process. We work with Conveyancers who have got advice that will make sense for what's best in every situation!

We find Conveyancers that can give you legal advice on all types of property transfers, including the process for adding or removing people from ownership. The team can help you make an informed decision about your transfer needs so that it's done correctly and efficiently with as little stress involved as possible!

Reasons to transfer equity/ownership

1. You have been gifted a Property or are gifting someone else your property.

2. Owner wishes to add an additional person(s) to the ownership of the property. 

3. Owner wishes to change to joint ownership after marriage. 

4. Owner has passed away. 

5. Owner is planning divorce or separation. 

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The process

1. A Conveyancing Solicitor will gather all documentation and obtain a copy of the property title deeds from the Land Registry.

2. The Conveyancing Solicitors will then confirm and review the information in order to prepare the documents for deed transfer- to be signed by all parties involved.  

3. Finally the Conveyancers will verify what Stamp Duty and Land Tax will need to be paid on the property. 

Why choose Real 

We compare conveyancing prices so that you don't have to. We understand what it takes to make a good Conveyancer and as a result, can find you the best conveyancing solicitor at the best price possible to suit your needs.