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Land registry title deeds

If you are looking to buy land or property, then you will need to register your land for the first time. The process of registering land began in 1925 and is now a compulsory aspect of buying land or property. It’s still common, however, for land to go unregistered, particularly in the North West.

Get Title Deeds: Registering Property and Land

Register your land or property with the Land Registry to receive reduced fees! These applications are based on a percentage of their value.

The advantages of registering your property and land:

1. Registering gives you added protection. 

2. Your title deeds are held electronically by the Land Registry giving you extra security. 

3. The title deed is guaranteed. 

4. Property ownership is easy to prove in a given event as it can be found fast and electronically for remortgaging, transfer of ownership, or a possible future sale. 

How Real Conveyencing
can help you 

If you want to register your land or property voluntarily for the first time, we can put you in touch with residential property experts that will give advice on how this can be done and prepare an application that will make registration easier. 

If you’re looking to buy a property that isn't registered, then the transfer of ownership has to be recorded with your local government. An expert solicitor will take care of this for you during conveyancing - it is one less thing we have worry about!