Loss of Title Deeds

Missing title deeds? We connect our customers with Conveyancers who are here to help and advise best on how to replace them and claim possession. If you are missing your land or property title deeds and you are not registered with the land registry you may come into problems- if somebody else tries to claim possession of the property or if you try to sell in the future. 

Replacing lost title deeds

If your land or property is registered with the Land Registry you will have no issues. However, if it is not and you believe that you are the rightful owner of the property then you will need to fill in a "Possessory Title" application. Once accepted you will be the owner of the land/ property. A "Possessory Title"  is the lowest class on the Land registry however after some time you can apply for an upgraded "Absolute Title". 

How Real Conveyencing
can help you 

We have contacts with Conveyancers who will help you through all scenarios. If you are having trouble proving your ownership we set you up with experts who can guide you through the process of filling out a replacement of lost deeds and a possessory title.

All Conveyancers that we work with have years of experience doing this kind of work and can ensure that your application of in order. 

Once you have your minimum title your Converyancer can then best advise you on how to upgrade your title.