Conveyancing for selling a property

Selling a property

The right Conveyancer can be the difference between a tedious and stressful process or one that saves you time as well as money. When it comes to selling your home you'll want an experienced professional who knows what they're doing for this very important task! Do not take risks when choosing someone outside of our database. 

How it works 

When you buy or sell a property you need a Conveyancer.

Conveyancers are professional solicitors who deal with the legal process of buying or selling a home i.e. completing required research for land registry, council, and also completing the required paperwork for the transaction.  

Before we get involved in your transaction we will provide you with a comprehensive quote listing all necessary costs. Our quotes are based on comparing quotes from previous conveyancing providers who have a string track record. 

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Getting started

A lot of people are unaware that when they purchase a property, there's an entire process involved. To make sure you don't get lost in all the paperwork be sure to have all relevant documents for your Conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible.

it's important to gather together any documentation needed early on before speaking with one because this will reduce turnaround times significantly!

Most solicitors require ID along with instruction forms such as an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). These documents list what level of energy rating your home has so if someone (a buyer) needs more information than just your address then having them available at hand can save time during negotiations while also ensuring compliance with standard regulations.