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Conveyancing for joint and co-ownership

If you are thinking of sharing ownership of your property with a partner, friend, or family member you need to ensure that your own interests are protected. Let us help you find the right Conveyancer who can ensure security for you in any co-ownership/joint property ownership situation! 

How does it work 

We connect with Conveyancers who have your best interest in mind and who can help with any unique situation; for example buying a property where shares and not equal. Regardless of the situation, the team will be able to best advise you and draw up legal documentation to protect you and your entitlements. 


The split of a property depends on a number of circumstances:

1. If the property is an investment or not. 

2. If one party contribute more to the purchase of the home. 

3. If someone has been gifted the house. 

4. If there are various family circumstances involved. 

How Real Conveyencing
can help you 

We connect you with a Conveyancing that will take the time to understand your unique situation and give you advice on how best to proceed with a purchase.

All Conveyancers that we work with have dealt with a vast amount of co-ownership cases and can give you the best advice.