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Buying a retirement home

Buying a retirement home is more complicated than buying any other type of property. There are additional steps to take and different rules and conditions imposed by landlords that need following. We can connect you with Conveyancers who have the expertise needed to guide you throughout every phase of this process!

What is so different about buying a retirement home?

Buying a retirement home comes with additional restrictions in terms of how the property can be used. Retirement homes are leasehold properties and typically the landlord will already have a number of services within the property including guest rooms, communal areas and laundry services; which are not all typically seen in other residential developments. As a result, you will need to be mindful of service charges and the condition of the property. 

Additionally, most retirement homes will have a completion fee (paid to the landlord when you sell the property). When you buy a retirement property it is essential to have an experienced solicitor to guide you through the process who understand all legal matters and cost associated with those legal matters. 

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How Real Conveyencing
can help you 

You can be confident in the knowledge that we have within the conveyancing industry. We work with  Conveyancers that have expert skills when it comes to understanding the legalities associated with buying a retirement home.  As a result, we can offer you an exceptional service that is fast and efficient. 


You'll have full transparency throughout as the Conveyancers we work with will make you aware of all costs associated before starting work.