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Buying a leasehold property

Leasing a property

Buying a property that is leasehold means that you own the property/land.

However, you are paying a landlord for leasing the land. This process can be just as secure as buying outright (so long as your legal agreements are securely in place). 

We put you in touch with the best Conveyancers who will ensure that your title and lease are in order for maximum compliance and security for yourself. 

The difference between a leasehold and a freehold property

With a freehold property, obviously, you don’t have to worry about your lease running out. If you buy a leasehold property, remember you’re taking over the lease from the previous owner, so you need to know how many years are left to run from the original term. With a leasehold, you will typically need to pay an annual service charge. Your lease may also detail how the property should be maintained. 

How Real Conveyancing
can help you 

We work with teams of experienced Conveyancers and Solicitors who can give advice on every aspect of leasehold properties. These Conveyancers have acted for buyers, sellers as well as landlords/tenants in the past. 

 When using our service, there will be no surprises - everything that needs doing will be discussed in advance and quotes are given out before work commences. 

Terminating a lease

We can also put you in touch with Conveyancers who can give you advice on terminating a lease, and selling or remortgaging a property with a lease.